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Models / Xana

Avg Rating: 4.8

Xana Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4"
Age:  46
Measurements:  Size 7 Feet
Fun Fact:  Owner & Operator of XP

Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Miss Xana. I've been a model for 20+ years. I own Xana's Palace and run the whole on my own with the help of my models! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types on the web! We are real-life Foot Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 200 + sexy models who love modeling in all types of foot fetish scenarios. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with in-person session opportunities to virtual video chat, there's no reason to be foot-starved any longer! Satisfy your foot fantasy with myself or one of my lovely models today! Click "Sessions" to book now!
Xana Updates

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Xana's Wet Kitty Paws
Who says kitties don't like the water? This sexy feline sure does! Watch as this kitty is completely spoiled by her slave as he washes and dries her perfect feet.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Slave Training

Crushed Like Candy Under Xana's Wedges
Goddess Xana has captured you! Now she will punish you by grinding your useless worm body into nothing but a mushy pulp. She taunts you as she does so as she stomps and grinds you into the ground.

Tags: Ankles, Brunette, Food & Object Crush, Giantess

Halloween Foot Worship With 2 Slaves
Loki, Val
Xana is hanging out at the Halloween foot party with one of her top models, Val. They decide some proper foot worship is in order. Xana decides to make use of a couple of partygoers by ordering them kiss their shoes before demanding they lick their bare soles!

Tags: Bare Feet, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation, Foot Slave Training

Cookie Crush In Black Stilettos
Queen Xana is not too pleased about the type of junk food her foot slave likes to eat. She needs him to stay in shape and video ready at all times. She throws his cookies on the floor and then stomps them into a pulp with her sexy black stilettos. She then makes him eat it off the bottoms of her stilettos,...

Tags: Ankles, Brunette, Food & Object Crush, High Heels

Halloween Foot Party Sock Sniff
Kitt, Val
Xana, Kitt, and Val make good use of their new sniff slave! They have caught him secretly sniffing their shoes earlier without permission, and now they have decided to punish him by making him take deep whiffs of their heavily scented Halloween socks!

Tags: Bare Feet, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation, Foot Slave Training

Xana's Foot Massage Interview
Do you think you have what it takes to be Xana's personal slave? Xana spends the day interviewing potential candidates for the open position. How well can you follow her instructions as she tells you exactly how she wants her feet touched and caressed? Schedule an "interview" today!

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Humiliation

Candy Crush Under Xana's Soles
Goddess Xana crushes with some sour candy with her perfect soles. She stomps on it until it is flat, then smashes it into pulp with her sexy toes. Happy Halloween Footboy!

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Dirty Feet

Xana & Zahara Give You Worship Instructions
Xana, Zahara
Well there footboy, it seems you have once again found yourself at the foot of two very demanding Goddesses! Xana & her new model Zahara waste no time putting you down at their feet, demanding you worship and pamper every last inch of their sexy wrinkled mature soles.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

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