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Models / Xana

Avg Rating: 4.7

Xana Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4"
Age:  39
Measurements:  Size 7 Feet
Fun Fact:  Owner & Operator of XP

Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Miss Xana. I've been a model for 20+ years. I own Xana's Palace and run the whole on my own with the help of my models! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types on the web! We are real-life Foot Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 200 + sexy models who love modeling in all types of foot fetish scenarios. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with in-person session opportunities to virtual video chat, there's no reason to be foot-starved any longer! Satisfy your foot fantasy with myself or one of my lovely models today! Click "Sessions" to book now!
Xana Updates

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Good Morning Foot Worship
Goddess Xana is ready for her morning foot worship session. She commands you foot boy to get under her goddess feet and kiss her toes. She's expecting you to relieve some morning stress from her tired feet. What are you waiting for, foot boy don't stop!

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Brunette, Dangling

Sweaty Work Footies
Goddess Xana is awaiting and commanding you to come remove her sweaty nylon socks from a long day of work. She looks so stunning with her white skirt and beautiful physique. She then makes you peel off her stinky nylon socks as she wiggles her tootsies.

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Brunette, Dangling

Stinky Well Worn Thigh Highs
Goddess Xana makes the hottest video ever!!! She is wearing her thigh highs with an incredible sexy skirt. She commands you to get beneath her worshipping her sexy heels. Once the heels are removed she models her sexy body to camera making it so hot.

Tags: Ankles, Ass, Brunette, Dangling

Smell Checking her Socks and Feet
Goddess Xana is ready to peel off her stinky tennis shoes after a long morning workout. What's even better is the smell on her socks which she has been wearing for several days. She begins by commanding you to sniff her feet as she begins to remove her socks. She takes a big wift of her stinky socks...

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette

Cream Before Bed
Goddess Xana takes care of her sexy feet before bed by spreading lotion all over them. She rubs the lotion all over her arches and soles making it so irresistible. She continues by wiggling her toes and feet making it so sexy hot.

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Brunette, Dangling

Virtual Bikini Session with Xana
Goddess Xana is super sexy wearing her blue bikini for her virtual session. What a lucky guy as he gets to interact with Miss Xana and get the privilege to worship her soles. She commands you to get your face in between her toes and make her feel like the queen that she is.

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Ass, Bikini

Lunch Hour Foot Worship
Goddess Xana is ready for her foot massage and worship session during her lunch break. She makes you remove her sparkly high heels making her feet feel free. Goddess Xana continues to make you kiss and take care of her feet for the duration of her lunch break.

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Brunette, Dangling

Xana's Ugg Boots and Athletic Socks
Goddess Xana is wearing her comfy brown boots along with her warm cozy socks. She makes you get down below her and worship her boots. She then removes her boots making her feet exposed and continues to wiggle her toes.

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Boots, Brunette

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