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Models / Xana

Avg Rating: 4.8

Xana Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4"
Age:  46
Measurements:  Size 7 Feet
Fun Fact:  Owner & Operator of XP

Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Miss Xana. I've been a model for 20+ years. I own Xana's Palace and run the whole on my own with the help of my models! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types on the web! We are real-life Foot Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 200 + sexy models who love modeling in all types of foot fetish scenarios. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with in-person session opportunities to virtual video chat, there's no reason to be foot-starved any longer! Satisfy your foot fantasy with myself or one of my lovely models today! Click "Sessions" to book now!
Xana Updates

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Barefoot Cookie Crush
Goddess Xana is not too happy you have been stealing her cookies. Since you want them so badly, she's going to make you eat the rest of them off her perfect mature feet! Start licking Footboy.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Dirty Feet

Xana's "How To Be A Stink Goddess" Part 2
There's definitely an art to being a "Stink Goddess", the most coveted status for any model here on XP. As the Goddess with by far the stinkiest feet, Xana breaks down her routine and shows off her perfect stinky mature soles freshly out of her famous Nike Stinkmakers!

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

Ignored at the Feet of Xana and Kitt
Kitt, Xana
It would seem you have once again found yourself at the foot of two Goddesses! Xana & her friend Kitt talk about their busy day, paying absolutely no attention to the lowly little foot pup groveling at their feet. After all, it is your life's purpose isn't it footboy?

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

At the Foot of Goddess Xana In Heels
Goddess Xana cannot wait to show you her perfect soles with her gold heels on. She slowly takes them off, dangling them precariously from her toes as she does so. She puts them up to her nose and takes big whiffs of her signature scent, which has somehow found a way to imbed itself even in open toed...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Dangling

Xana's Last Video With Armani Exchange Flip-Flops
All good things must come to an end, and that is exactly what has happened to Xana's Armani Exchange Flip-Flops. That's right... they have been SOLD to a lucky XP member! These are clearly Xana's favorite flip-flops since her feet have been perfectly preserved in the soles due to years of wearing them....

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Flip Flops

Xana & Davine Give You Sniff Therapy POV
Davine, Xana
Nothing is more relaxing after a long day for these two Goddesses than to put their very smelly soles in the face of their favorite sniff slave. Xana just loves to put his nose way deep into her famous stink makers, where YEARS of her sweat has built up into the soles due to her wearing them barefoot....

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette

Xana & Kitt's Yoga Pants & Heels Worship
Kitt, Xana
Xana and Kitt have their way with you, putting you down before their thick, voluptuous ass cheeks. They command you to worship and kiss every fine detail through their tight yoga pants. Finally, they present their dirty wedge heels to you, making you lick and suck away all of the dirt and grime. Such...

Tags: Ankles, Ass, Brunette, Foot Slave Training

Trick Or Treat, Smell Our Feet!
Kitt, Xana
As with any new model featured on XP, Goddess Xana just has to see how pungent Kitt can get her signature scent. The girls show off their festive socks to the camera before slowly peeling them off to reveal their sexy bare soles. They shove each other's socks in their faces while taking big whiffs. Finally,...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

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