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Models / Xana

Avg Rating: 4.8

Xana Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4"
Age:  46
Measurements:  Size 7 Feet
Fun Fact:  Owner & Operator of XP

Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Miss Xana. I've been a model for 20+ years. I own Xana's Palace and run the whole on my own with the help of my models! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types on the web! We are real-life Foot Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 200 + sexy models who love modeling in all types of foot fetish scenarios. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with in-person session opportunities to virtual video chat, there's no reason to be foot-starved any longer! Satisfy your foot fantasy with myself or one of my lovely models today! Click "Sessions" to book now!
Xana Updates

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Ordered to Foot Session With Xana at FootBnB
Good morning footboy! Queen Xana is so pleased that you have decided to book your stay at her world renown FootBnB! She allows you to start off your morning the right way with a healthy dose of her sexy pink toes. Because you are her guest, she allows you the rare opportunity to have your way with her...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Flip Flops

Xana's Spotless Goddess Soles
In order to have perfectly flawless feet like Queen Xana, they have to constantly be free of dirt and debris at all times. It is a good thing she is surrounded by her willing foot slaves so she never has to do the task by herself!

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Mature

Ignored By Xana While Watching TV
Goddess Xana finally gets a day to relax and watch her favorite TV show. It's too bad you don't! She commands you down at your usual place at her perfect soles, making you worship them as she completely ignores you.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Worship

Crushed Into Crumbs Under Xana's Soles
You've been a very bad footboy for Queen Xana. She gave you one simple instruction... to go out and get her something to eat that would be fitting for her Goddess physique. Instead, you bring her cookies, so now you must pay the price for your disobedience as she grinds your useless body into dust under...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Food & Object Crush

Five Models' Heels Worship Commands
Barbie, Kitt
It would seem that you have stumbled your way into another one of Xana's foot parties with her friends, footboy! They do not hesitate even a second to put you where you belong. Xana immediately orders you down at the heels of everyone, making you put that tongue of yours to good use. She makes sure you...

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet, Blonde

Stuck At Xana's Stinky Feet POV
Queen Xana is pleased that you are still right where she has left you.. tied up at the foot of her bed! She has just returned from a long run and decides to put your nose to good use. She slowly peels off her Nike stink makers and orders you to start taking deep whiffs from underneath her freshly pedicured...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

Xana's Foot Massage Tickle Commands
Queen Xana has had a very long day running errands in her stink maker Nike tennis shoes with no socks! She decides to show mercy to her personal slave today. She spares him from the unbearable stench that has been brewing up all day in her sneakers. Instead, she commands him to massage and tickle her...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Massage

Xana's Red Toes, White Converse, & Blue Yoga Pants
Happy Veteran's Day! Here's a special video from the Queen herself for all her veteran foot fans! Xana loves her converse... especially her high tops! She shows them off while talking about how they have been on her hardworking feet all day. She removes them and orders your nose down under her soles,...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

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