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Models / Vixy

Avg Rating: 5.0

Vixy Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4''
Age:  24
Measurements:  Size 9 Feet

I enjoyed my feet being worshiped at Xana's Palace for the first time today at my photo-shoot with Xana. And have to say, I can't believe how welcoming the whole environment was! I felt so adored by Xana and her slaves that I just can't wait to return and do more foot sessions asap! I love how easy it was to work with Xana, she guided me and made me feel right at home every step of the way while we captured video content! No wonder she gets such great pictures and videos. I am so excited to see my first videos appear on the site. I'm also gonna be checking my emails for session requests. I think this stuff is so cool, what better way to get my foot fetish fix than with like-minded guys who also enjoy how pretty I always keep my long toes. I literally love getting pedicures so this is honestly a business I was made for!
Your Size 9 Feet Princess, Vixy
Vixy Updates

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My Foot Session at XP
Miss Vixi is wearing an extremely sexy dress with her purple heels. Portraying how a session takes place, model walking in front door. Followed by an actual client coming in for his session. Miss Vixy greets him at the front door. Miss Xana herself walking them to the session room. The rest is history...

Tags: Foot Worship, High Heels

Vixy's Oiled Foot Massage
Miss Vixy books a half hour massage session with a well known foot slave. Vixy requests the "special" which includes foot worship and a deep tissue massage using lotion and oil. Vixy spends time admiring the slaves good work as he is making her feel relaxed, and is enjoying his hands on her petite feet....

Tags: Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship, Oil Fetish

Vixy's Gianni Heels
Classy flowered heels genuinely worn by Miss Vixy herself. These sexy black heels are very well worn and have Vixy's toe prints in them as proof of how much she has loved them over the years!

Tags: Dangling, High Heels, Worn Shoes

Vixy's Slave Equipment
Getting ready for her morning workout Miss Vixy commands her foot slave to be there to assist her or he gets punished. Which included severely trampled and crushed under her cruel, yet very sexy nylon feet. She loves to make him her carpet while she works out and stretches. After her workout is done...

Tags: Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship, Human Furniture, Socks/Stockings

Vixy's Sexy Shoe Dangle
Miss Vixy sits at the bar with her legs crossed wearing her thong sandals and her summer dress. She seduces the camera with shoe dangle completely ignoring the camera at first. Then she becomes a fantasy of the viewer and tells the viewer to do things. She than commands her foot slave to worship and...

Tags: Dangling, Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship

The Rampage Girls
Vixy, Xana
Creating this film was down right amazing! Crushing and destroying all of the items was surprisingly satisfying for both Vixy and myself! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as each item crushed and crunched under our boots. Something about getting revenge and taking out all of our frustrations on each perfect...

Tags: Boots, Food & Object Crush, Foot Worship, Nylons

The Foot Slave Audition
Miss Vixy sends her slave to run errands, he misses an item so she further evaluated his ability to serve her. She gives the foot slave a few basic tasks to perform while she takes notes on her tablet. Lick her sole, suck her toe and to lay down and become furniture while she walks on top of him.

Tags: Dangling, Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship, High Heels

Two Girl Foot Worship Humiliation
Celene, Vixy
Miss Vixy and Miss Celene humiliate there foot slave in very suggestive and sexy voices. At first they are seated in sexy dresses and heels, but after things start getting heated they stand on there foot slave belittling his manhood, his capabilities as a real man and abilities as a proper foot slave....

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Slave Training, Foot Worship, High Heels

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