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Models / Celene

Avg Rating: 4.6

Celene Vital Stats:
Height:  5'1"
Age:  18
Measurements:  Size 8 feet

Hey guys just turned 18... so excited to be a foot model and have my soft size 8 feet worshipped. I love the attention my pretty feet get me, especially since I always keep my toes painted pretty colors with matching fingernails. My soft young soles are perfect for massages, worship and foot play. Can't wait to session with you soon!
Your foot princess, Celene
Celene Updates

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My Student Bribed Me Into Foot Worship
Miss Celene is called in to the principals office knowing that she has not been completing her assignments. She then becomes the boss by bribing the principal since she knows he has a foot fetish. Celene tells him to change her grades to A's or she will expose him. She then makes him worship her feet...

Tags: Dangling, Human Furniture, POV

Celene's Barefoot Monster 2
Miss Celene has her socks ripped away and destroyed by a blanket creature. She continues to replace her socks and every time the blanket creature rips them away. She doesn't understand how someone could love socks this much. She finally lets the creature massage her feet and do whatever he likes with...

Tags: Boots, Dangling, Foot Slave Training, POV

Stress Relief
Celene, Xana
Stretching and maneuvering around in our game of twister was the perfect way to let out all our hard work at the office. We warmed things up a bit with the sexy twister competition... right into a good ol' nylon foot worship session! I know Celene enjoyed my sexy legs and feet as much as I did hers....

Tags: Dangling, Foot Tickling, Foot Worship, Nylons

Celene's Barefoot Monster
Celene played such a great victim to yet another blanket monster! This time our fury friend came alive to shred the socks and shoes of our adorable, young, size 8 footed, princess. Keeping her perfect soles bare and caressing her sexy feet is not only his obsession. Celene was so perfect and played her...

Tags: Dangling, POV, Socks/Stockings

The Ticklish Sleepover2
Celene, Shey
This video would turn into a ticklish nightmare for both Celene and Shey as it would be a steady yet sensuous finger tickling/ licking scenes by Miss Xana. She place gentle, sucking kisses on each of their soles along with the slow, gentle finger tickling. Slowly and sensuously licking and tickling their...

Tags: Dangling, Foot Tickling, Foot Worship, Multiple Girl

Celene's Vlog 8-16-19
Miss Celene in her casual outfit talks to camera VLOG style about the day ahead. She also let's you know about her lace up leather heels which she has on sale at the shoe page.

Tags: VLOG, Worn Shoes

My Two Girl Foot Session POV
Celene, Xana
Goddess Xana and Miss Celene are in there super sexy dresses as they welcome in there session guy. Session immediately begins with forceful, demands to there footboy to kneel. The girls fight over who he is going worship first and command him to enjoy their feet. Finally he removes both there high heels...

Tags: Dangling, Foot Slave Training, High Heels, Multiple Girl

Celene's Chunkier Heels
Miss Celene talks about modeling her black lace up heels and how they will be on sale on xanaspalace.com shoe store. She removes her heels off and shows off her pretty size 8 feet. She is very excited about a lucky foot boy owning her heels.

Tags: Dangling, High Heels, POV

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