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Models / Kaelyn

Avg Rating: 4.8

Kaelyn Vital Stats:
Height:  5'9
Age:  18
Measurements:  Size 9 Feet

Super excited to be part of the gorgeous girls of Xana's Palace! I'm 18 years old with size 9 feet. I model and I'm an artist. I'm a choice because I'm tall with large, shapely feet. I get approached by men often about my feet. Now that I'm a Palace model, I can show them off and get them the attnetion they deserve by men that know what they're doing! So excited!!! What a perfect service for me since I'm so into feet! Maybe you'll be my next foot session!?
Kaelyn Updates

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Xana and Kaelyn's Tied Tickle Torture
Kaelyn, Xana
This film came out so great! Pairing Kaelyn with Xana, always seems to be a good match! Kaelyn loves being submissive and makes for such great fun as Xana has her way with her perfect body! Xana starts by taking advantage of Kaelyn all tied up, helpless and totally vulnerable to her super long nails....

Tags: Boots, Foot Tickling, Multiple Girl, Socks/Stockings

Hot Foot Girls Pillow Fight
Highness, Kaelyn
Kaelyn and Highness come home after a pep rally fired up. They remove each others socks and shoes and pillow fight the rest of their energy out. Their sweaty socks and shoes are removed so that they can admire each others soft soles and pretty toenails.

Tags: Dirty Feet, Multiple Girl, POV

Xana's Sleepy Foot Fantasy
Kaelyn, Xana
Miss Kaelyn and I had so much fun creating this unique custom clip for you! With the casual conversing and the nonchalant toe play, we were totally as we normally are on a day-to-day basis at the Palace. I often have fantasies about Miss Kaelyn's sexy toes and feet sticking out from the foot of the bed...

Tags: Foot Tickling, Large Feet, Multiple Girl

The Spit Covered Feet of Kaelyn
Kaelyn, Xana
There was a good chemistry on set creating this film. Kaelyn is always a good sport to work with and truly enjoys this type of work. She was equally as excited as I was, to take on the project. We realized quickly that producing a lot of spit was not an issue. Getting it to stick to her feet to be more...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Spit fetish

Kaelyn at the Palace POV
Kaelyn updates us with whats been happening with her and shows us a new pair of her new heels. She than demands you to worship her sexy heels and legs.

Tags: High Heels, POV, VLOG

The Leg Oil Massage
Kaelyn, Melody
Miss Foot Fetish Goddess Kaelyn books a half hour massage sessions with well known Massage Therapist Miss Melody at the Foot Palace. Kaelyn requests the "special" and suggests they do a little bit of a deep tissue massage using lotion and oil. Melody spends time admiring Kaelyn's long thigh-high socks...

Tags: Oil Fetish, Socks/Stockings

Slave Girl Kaelyn Serves Mistress Xana Part 1
Kaelyn, Xana
In Goddess Xana’s world, she expects absolute devotion, adoration and obedience and settles for nothing less. The Goddess is in sexy workout clothes with a long-nailed fresh pink manicure and relaxing, checking her cell phone as slave girl, Kaelyn, demonstrates her eagerness to please her Goddess’...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Multiple Girl

The Intense Smell of Natalee's Feet
Kaelyn, Natalee
As Miss Kaelyn is hanging out with her friend Natalee in Xana's Palace, something catches the attention of her nose. It is some unusual and strong scent, which she complains about. To her surprise, the smell is coming from her friend's feet. Yes, Natalee's feet stink real bad and that can be felt even...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Smelling

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