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Models / Cupcake

Avg Rating: 5.0

Cupcake Vital Stats:
Height:  5'8"
Age:  32
Measurements:  Size 8 Feet

I’m the sweetest thing you will ever mEAT. I dance to my own beat. You will find me smelling flowers and exploring for hours. XOXO, Miss Cupcake
Cupcake Updates

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Cupcake Crushes Your Thanksgiving Pie
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you loyal foot fans out there! Miss Cupcake has an extra special dessert for you tonight. Just when you thought you would be eating at the table, she takes your pumpkin pie and grinds it into mush under her soft, sexy size 8's. Be thankful to eat your pie properly... of the...

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Dirty Feet, Food & Object Crush

Cupcake's Feet Right Out of Combat Boots
Miss Cupcake models her very well worn combat boots and when she pulls her foot out of them, to your great surprise, NO Socks! Can you just imagine the stench of Cupcake just brewing in those boots all day long with no fresh air? Experience it for yourself and book your next stinky foot session with...

Tags: Amateur, Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet

Cupcake's Strict Foot Worship Demands
Blue haired vixen Miss Cupcake is back... and she doesn't hesitate to put you exactly where she wants you at her perfect soles! She orders you to caress and to sniff, taking in all of her glorious signature scent. Finally, she commands you to start servicing her soles and toes with your tongue.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation

Xana & Cupcake's Human Chair Service
Cupcake, Slave L
Xana has brought her friend Miss Cupcake over to her place to hang out, and they cannot wait to put their house slave to good use. They hop on top of him as their personal chair, making him lick, worship, and suck every inch of their perfect feet!

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

Xana & Cupcake Command You At Their Heels
Cupcake, Slave L
Goddess Xana introduces Cupcake to her house slave and they both can't wait to start using him! They start by having him kiss their wedges before kissing and licking all over their bare soles.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Foot Domination

Cupcake Lotions Her Feet At Work
It's a slow day at work for Miss Cupcake, so she decides to take advantage of the down time and give her soles some much needed TLC! She removes her fuzzy slippers and pours a generous amount of lotion onto each one of her perfect supple soles. She begins to work the lotion into every single crevice...

Tags: Amateur, Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet

Xana and Cupcake's Barefoot Commands
Cupcake, Xana
Miss Cupcake has just returned from a 10 day trip to the scorching desert for Burning Man! She had only one pair of socks with her... and they were the ones she wore for a last minute stinky session request. Xana scent checks them, and adds her own pungent scent to the mix as she removes her famous stink-maker...

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Bare Feet, Foot Domination

Cupcake Commands You At Her Supple Bare Soles
Miss Cupcake can't wait to put you down at her supple, soft, size 8 feet. She commands you to crawl over on all fours, kissing every square inch of her amazing soles. She then orders you to lick, and suck her perfect toes. Be at her feet today... Book Now!

Tags: Bare Feet, Foot Domination, Foot Humiliation, Foot Worship

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