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Models / Aaliyah

Avg Rating: 4.0

Aaliyah Vital Stats:
Height:  5'7"
Age:  24
Measurements:  Size 13 feet

Hi guys...I'm an 24 year old student/model and love to model my large, size 13 feet! Yep I have some huge, luscious feet and I love showing them off! I really have a foot fetish and I'm naturally dominant. I know exactly how to put you right where I want you. Don't be fooled, I may be young, but I know how to use my sexy feet to control you and make you my foot boy for life!

Aaliyah Updates

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Size Really Does Matter
Aaliyah, Gem
Large feet are such a turn on. Especially when they're gorgeous, soft, with pretty painted toenails such as the feet of Aaliyah and Miss Gem. These two hotties compare and measure just who has the larger hands, feet and height. Whoever is smaller get's tickled!

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet, Multiple Girl, Worn Shoes

Aaliyah's Size 13's Cake Crush and Foot Worship
Unsatisfied with her clumsy footslave, Aaliyah crushes a small cake under her big feet and delivers it all over her slave's face. She then demands her long toes and big arches licked and cleaned by her slave's mouth and tongue.

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet

Aaliyah's Sole Pleasures
Relaxing while sitting on her slave and getting her size 13 soles licked and her long toes sucked is just a regular day for Goddess Aaliyah. She knows how she wants her feet done and strictly guides the slave under her towards an ultimate foot licking satisfaction.

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Large Feet

The Needs of Aaliyah's Size 13 Feet
Aaliyah's feet are big, but what's bigger is her perfectionism when it comes to having them properly worshiped. A big amount of foot licking efforts are needed to satisfy her foot pleasuring needs. That is why she has two guys licking her soles and heels and sucking on her toes simultaneously.

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet

Billie's Private Foot Worship Party
Aaliyah, Anne
Upon Billie's request, 3 slaves arrive to lick the feet of six gorgeous girls. 12 feet, sizes 6 to 13, in socks, pantyhose, sneakers, boots and barefeet.. their boots and heels get continuously licked, sucked and smelled.

Tags: Foot Worship, Multiple Girl

The Diverse Functionalities of Foot Slaves
Aaliyah, Billie
The foot slaves of Miss Billie do not only have to be great at licking and sucking feet, but they also need to be able to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the foot goddesses whose feet they serve under. If that means transforming into furniture, having a girl sit on them and then shift to a...

Tags: Foot Worship, Multiple Girl

Foot Licking on Demand 2
When she needs her big size 13 feet licked and sucked on, Aaliyah calls a professional footslave and enjoys a long foot spoiling procedure. Watch her relax while someone works hard under her feet, pleasing her big soles, long toes and delicious heels.

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet

Aaliyah's Luscious Size 13 Feet
Aaliyah's feet are large. Size 13 to be exact and it's so cute how since we first met Aaliyah when she was just 18 years old, her feet grew a little. She was a 12 and now in this video she admits to having size 13. WOW! Gorgeous with large feet. A dream come true for large feet lovers. She looks extra...

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet, POV

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