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Models / Aaliyah

Avg Rating: 5.0

Aaliyah Vital Stats:
Height:  5'7"
Age:  24
Measurements:  Size 13 feet

Hi guys...I'm an 24 year old student/model and love to model my large, size 13 feet! Yep I have some huge, luscious feet and I love showing them off! I really have a foot fetish and I'm naturally dominant. I know exactly how to put you right where I want you. Don't be fooled, I may be young, but I know how to use my sexy feet to control you and make you my foot boy for life!

Aaliyah Updates

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Aaliyah's Bratty Pay Day
Aaliyah is lounging in her flip-flops at a drive-through restaurant. As another customer pulls in at the next stall, he notices her shapely size 13 feet dangling her dirty flip-flops outside the car window. After complimenting her on feet, her rudely assumes that he can touch them. Bratty Aaliyah warns...

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Large Feet

Foot Worship Unaware
The biggest fan of Aaliyah's size 13 feet follows her home after the foot party and sneaks after she falls asleep. While Aaliyah is passed out he removes her large socks and big size 13 shoes and proceeds to worship her soft slender soles long narrow toes high arches and pretty heels with his tongue....

Tags: Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Large Feet

Aaliyah's Large Size Foot Tramplegasm
Miss Aaliyah has decided to have some foot fetish fun in a merciless, yet creative way today. All is ready for the occasion - her large, size 13 feet are perfectly pedicured, a collection of sexy shoes to be worn and used for the foot fetish fun session are lined up in front of Aaliyah, and, of course,...

Tags: Body Parts Comparison, Large Feet, Trample

Size 13 Barefoot Trample Massacre
Hot Trampling, Foot Worship, and Humiliation Action! Miss Aaliyah puts her large and sexy size 13 feet to work and brutally humiliates and dominates a "lucky" slave who has dared to show up in front of her while she is a bad mood. Bad for the slave and good for Aaliyah, as she will now use the slave's...

Tags: Foot Worship, Large Feet, Trample

Bratty Babes Measure Feet and Height
Aaliyah, Kaelyn
While wearing tight yoga pants and cropped tank tops, Kaelyn and Aaliyah compare their perfect feet, legs, and height against each other. They sit with their legs extended, with their feet side by side and use a tape to measure in centimeters how long their hot toes and sexy soles are. Tall and fit,...

Tags: Body Parts Comparison, Large Feet, Multiple Girl

College Co-Ed Comparison Fantasy
Aaliyah, Kaelyn
A supposed-to-be study session turns out to be something completely different... and hot. Miss Kaelyn and Miss Aaliyah seem to be more interested in finding out who has the larger feet than they are in studying and getting prepared for next day's classes. However, the what turns out to be a foot comparison...

Tags: Large Feet, Multiple Girl

Large Foot Goddess Comparison
Aaliyah, Kaelyn
Two of the girls with the largest feet on the internet engage in a passionate foot size comparison that quickly evolves into a competition between them. Miss Kaelyn is facing heave resistance from Miss Aaliyah when it comes to the size of her feet. What is a big surprise for Kaelyn is that Aaliyah has...

Tags: Body Parts Comparison, Foot Domination, Large Feet

What Makes Aaliyah's Feet Sweat
After a long morning run Miss Aaliyah comes home and removes her sweaty socks, shoes and showcases her large feet to the camera. Sitting on her favorite yoga mat she teases you with her large 13 size feet. Than proceeds to play and stretch her body in different positions.

Tags: Large Feet, POV

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