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Models / Xana

Avg Rating: 4.7

Xana Vital Stats:
Height:  5'4"
Age:  39
Measurements:  Size 7 Feet
Fun Fact:  Owner & Operator of XP

Hello Gentleman! Welcome to my Palace! I'm Miss Xana. I've been a model for 20+ years. I own Xana's Palace and run the whole on my own with the help of my models! I feature the most stunning young college girls and girl-next-door types on the web! We are real-life Foot Goddesses and enjoy being worshiped, so take your pick among 200 + sexy models who love modeling in all types of foot fetish scenarios. You must be a member to enjoy all the unique benefits of XP so join today! This is the only site of it's kind... with in-person session opportunities to virtual video chat, there's no reason to be foot-starved any longer! Satisfy your foot fantasy with myself or one of my lovely models today! Click "Sessions" to book now!
Xana Updates

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Soles Show
Xana gives a very intimate custom video to a fan... his only request was for her to wear her sexy pink string bikini and create something very personal for him. She sure did and went above and beyond giving behind the scenes as she was getting ready... Trying on some heels and even a follow up at the...

Tags: Ankles, Bikini, Milf, POV

Ass and Foot Worship Demands
Your in-person or virtual foot worship session with Xana is all about ass and foot worship today. After-all, those two requests go hand in hand. Xana accepts your requests with a friendly email and you schedule it quickly and easily. The day of your session arrives and she positions herself in a full...

Tags: Arches, Ass, Bare Feet, Foot Slave Training

Foot Licking Commands
Xana shows you why you belong to her and the services she expects you to satisfy for her. She demands you down at the foot of her bed to worship, massage and lick her soft feet, clean and spotless before bed. She tells you how smelly she has gotten them after an all day work shift and what a Goddess...

Tags: Ankles, Arches, Ass, Bare Feet

Slave Video Torture
Xana is quite good at torturing men. Especially willing candidates. She has created an entire empire around this very concept. Her power over men, especially foot fetish men is intense... one of her deepest, darkest foot fantasies is revealed in this clip.

Tags: Ankles, Ass, Bare Feet, Brunette

Sexy Pink Toes
Tori models in one of her first foot fetish films ever. She loves showing off her young, soft feet and the opportunity to have them worshipped and admired on a regular basis, is very intriguing to her. She tells all about herself so that her fans can get to know her a bit.. and all of the things she's...

Tags: Audition, POV, Soles, Toe Nails

Hot Wet Toe Wiggle
It's still triple digits in Arizona, and all our gorgeous models are in flip flops, hanging by the pool and wiggling their sexy toes for all to view. If the climate where you live is not allowing pretty feet to be on display as readily, check out this HOT, wet toe wiggle video where we are always show...

Tags: Bare Feet, POV, Toe Nails, Wet Feet

Doggie Dangling POV
One of Xana's new slaves is like a puppy dog. He's always begging and following her around.. sniffing and kissing her tender soles and even her shoe dusty wear. His reward for sitting and staying, is a POV dangle session. She wakes from a nap and find him sitting near a chair on all fours... his request...

Tags: Ankles, Bare Feet, Brunette, Dangling

Black Flip Flop Tease
Xana's jet black toes and flip flops drive you absolutely bonkers as she dangles the ultra thin traps from her perfect heavenly feet. Her soft soles play peek-a-boo as your excitement soars. Her wiggling toes have you ready to do just about anything to serve her and worship the ground she walks on.

Tags: Arches, Bare Feet, Brunette, Dangling

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