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The Foot Lotion Party
Alexus, Candice
Miss Candice and Miss Alexus are in there club dresses & heels. They both come home after club having tired feet that they decide to use lotion on each others feet. They use much lotion to make their feet soft and slippery and they massage it in to each others feet.

Tags: Dangling, High Heels, Multiple Girl

Candice's Old Kicks
Miss Candice is at our Sunday Funday party ready to be worshipped and taken care of by some of her foot fans. In the meanwhile she showcases her old sandals which she will be getting rid off for some lucky fan to purchase. Don't miss the chance to session with Miss Candice at our next Sunday Funday Event....

Tags: Dangling, Worn Shoes

Foot Fetish Demands of Candice and Shey
Candice, Shey
Miss Candice and Miss Shey have on their party dresses and high heels. Both girls pose and show their demanding poses. They demand the viewers to get down and worship, then demand them to remove heels, worship, lick, suck, massage, rub, and give demand after demand as both goddess's continue to pose...

Tags: Dangling, High Heels, Multiple Girl, POV

Flip Flop Fascination
Candice, Shey
Miss Candice and Miss Shey are at FootBnB ready to show of there sexy sandals to you. Dangling, toe wiggling is what they start with and than progress to removing there sandals and showing the bottom of there feet. Don't forget about there wrinkled soles being expose to the camera.

Tags: Dangling, Multiple Girl, POV

Candice's Vlog 4.25.19
Candice tells us about her experience at XP so far, she talks about her first sessions and how excited she is for the party.

Tags: Dangling, VLOG

Foot Worship Pony Boy
Miss Candice is ready to dominate her foot slave! She has a slave at her feet, under her stinky workout tennis shoes. Candice's slave is to be punished as her furniture and to be bossed around! Of course, he would also be demanded to worship her feet and suck every part of her heel.

Tags: Foot Slave Training, Foot Smelling, Foot Worship, Human Furniture

Candice at Sunday Funday
Miss Candice is in her bathing suit on the couch talking about Sunday Funday at our FootBnB location. Come book your next session with XP's hottest models and experience the time of your life.

Tags: Bikini, High Heels, POV

The Wet Slippery Feet of Candice
Miss Candice uses the hose outside to get her feet wet and uses lotion to lube them up. She than plays with her beautiful feet and loves to show them to the camera. Come join her at XP and book a session with her and make your dreams come true.

Tags: Dangling, POV

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