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Happy Cinco De Drinko!
I'm tired yet I still made it to pick up Eric and get him to the airport in time. From there I headed back to the Phx Palace to meet up with Tony, my dance partner in crime! Yep, it's Cinco De Mayo so we went to the W Hotel to do some networking! We enjoyed the day at the Pool. Later, we hit almost every club in oldtown to promote our businesses! And made some great new business contacts! Love Love Love XP and FootBnB! Ended up staying at my Phx Palace till Monday! Best Weekend ever! XOXO, Xana

Maya & Three Wisemen!
Ok we topped last night! More sessions went on at the Palace with Eric! Highness did a 3 hour marathon session with Eric! We got ready and went back to Oldtown. This time we met at Three Wisemen and headed straight over to Maya! We had a table waiting for us where we were all met at and got the evening started properly. Shey, Highness, Vixy and myself along with many business partners and staff fans enjoyed the night. We headed back over to Three Wisemen to our table again to finish out the night! Eric gave me a nice long 30 foot massage since my feet were tired. We took the party to a hotel after-party where we talked and socialized the remainder of the morning hours away. Best Cinco De Mayo Weekend ever!

After last night out and taking Eric back to the BnB, I went home, got some rest, got ready and went back to work for a bit and spent the day gathering some things needed for Friday night out in oldtown again with the girls and ERIC!!!! I headed back to the Palace to do another session with Eric which was equally as fun as last night. From there we headed to pick up my nanny and then off to Oldtown again! We started at Three Wisemen and got our pregame party on there, dancing and mingling. Then went with "Scottsdale Nights" to "Pretty Please" where we were served drinks (water of course)! Super epic night... lots of dancing and taking photos, which can be seen on our foot parties page. We ended the night and we all parted ways, I returned Eric safely to FootBnB! What a freakin' BLAST! LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls and Eric too! Muahhhh! Xana

With Eric in Oldtown!
I had such a fulfilling day driving a FootBnB guest around! I took him apartment shopping and met with my EVP at my financial services office to help him start a business with us! He's one of my favorite footboys! He calls himself my # 1 footboy and he's right! After driving and a quick bite to eat, we ended up back at the Palace for an hour long session! I enjoyed our conversation and the amazing foot worship! From there we went to oldtown where we had a table waiting for us and did some dancing! Pretty much a perfect day in my books! :) Thanks to Eric!!!!! XOXO, Xana P.S. Eric, this photo is my favorite too, out of the set!

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