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Order a mobile clip and get your second one FREE! This deal is going all week and I can't wait to see which model gets the most orders... :) Xana

I enjoyed filming with Madi and Celene today! Custom video was ordered of Madi and myself and Celene was filming it. Omar was on set helping us dissect the script. Footboy Eric from CT got to watch these special films behind the scenes. Lucky FootBnB guest! It came together so well and was a super success! I also shot a custom video of Madi solo in a super sexy puppy play POV video! Wow, what a productive and fun day we all had on set! LOVE days like these! Hugs, Xana

I had a fun birthday lunch with Omar and Eric! It was a nice treat to spend the afternoon over a nice meal and spend time just relaxing! Afterwards, I headed home to continue my routine, got my kids to dance and karate, then we picked up my 14 year old poodle to take him to the park! I made some killer Organic veggie lasagna and a creamcheese bunt cake for dinner, which was sooooo good! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the special bday texts! Muahhhh! XOXO, Xana

Sunday with Miss Shey...
I had the most fun this past weekend that I have had in a long time. The whole weekend was just perfect! Especially yesterday. I had such a fun time meeting up with Mr King FootBoy Eric for lunch at the district and afterwards heading to El Hefe to meet up with some friends! We headed over to Casa Amigo to met up with Miss Shey! We had such a perfect evening and finished off at Riot House! Can't believe the weekend was so eventful and I danced a lot! XOXO, Xana

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