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We are so excited to announce our new addition of new model Miss Alexus! You can view her pics on her page here. Book a Session with Miss Alexus!

After Miss Candice IM'd JohJay from 104.7 yesterday, he replied and she referred him to my email. He ended up booking an appointment to come speak to me in person at our FootBnB today. Wow, what a cool dude. Of course he has a foot fetish as everyone knows and in addition he LOVES the business! We was quite impressed with how organized and professional our service is and even though he didn't have time to session with Candice or myself, he plans to in the future. The day before he came to FootBnB he spoke on the air about Xana's Palace services, which you can hear the podcast here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/661-johnjay-rich-after-words-30117992/episode/a-dilemma-only-johnjay-van-es-42715158/ Before he left we talked about me coming to the radio station for an interview soon. I will def keep you all posted as to when that gets scheduled.

Xana's recent session...
I had one of the most amazing sessions yesterday... ok first off he was polite and we had a nice conversation to break the ice. Once we started the session, he removed my heels (he requested heels and some foot/ ankle jewelry). My feet were extremely soft and he appreciate and admired that. I love to be rewarded for my intense efforts at keeping my feet baby soft. His reaction to how soft and perfect my feet were was very satisfying and worth the time i put into it. He kissed them softly and nibbled each toe.. giving my feet some sniffs as well. He pulled out some edible lube and spread it on my soles and toes and proceeded to lick and suck it off. After a little bit I put him underneath my feet on the floor and smothered his face with my perfect size 7 feet and toes completely covering his face with feet. He enjoyed this very much! As I smothered him with one foot he was caressing and massaging my other foot pretty much the whole session, which felt so pleasurable for me. His touch was gentle, yet firm. Toward the last portion of our session, I flipped over on my stomach and he worshiped my feet from the back. This gave him such a nice view of my soles and good access to have both of my feet in his face and toes gliding in and out of his mouth. By the end of the session, we both agreed to do more sessions since it was so enjoyable! He also applied to be a video slave beforehand, so I do look forward to showcasing him in my future videos. If I were to rate the session I would def give him 5 stars! Thanks for a very satisfying foot session, foot boy! XOXO, Xana

We shot some very special content with Miss Melody, Shey and Candice today! Started out with a custom video of Melody playing with Shey's feet while she slept and singing to her. We continued the fun and shot 3 more videos with Candice and Shey. Look for some movie titles coming soon including: Model Interview Massage, Flip Flop Feet Fascination, Foot Fetish Demands of Candice and Shey! Order your own Custom Video HERE!

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