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New model shot tonight!
Signed a new model up tonight! We had a blast gathering pics and videos for XP which our marketing department is in the midst of editing now! I can't wait to showcase her on XP tomorrow! She is so excited to meet you guys too. She's beautiful, size 9 feet, a very promising... already up to speed on our foot site and system, before she even left the office. Look for her pics on the site tomorrow followed by video the day after! She will be available to book a session as soon as her pics appear on XP! Her name is Candice btw :)

2 Foot Brats
Have you ever fantasized about 2 foot brats commanding you to worship their feet, giving you direct orders to remove their foot wear and socks and use your mouth to pleasure their feet! These to sassy XP models can't get enough foot action in their life. They are always found at one of XP's locations doing custom videos, sessions and parties and LOOOOVE to have their feet admired. Highness & Vixy are both infamous for their gorgeous long locks and their nails are always flawless. That is a combination that keeps our foot fans coming back for more! Be sure to request Highness and Vixy for a session, solo or as a combo! Book a Session this week and get 10% off! Use promo code: easter

Sunday Funday is here!
This Sunday was a bit slow and so we will resume festivities next Sunday and every Sunday until Sept 1st! Remember to book ahead of time for the best booking rates. Free entry every Sunday for those who book a session on Sunday! Check back often to see who will be attending. I will be posting a few days in advance here on the BLOG, announcing which models will be at FootBnB on Sundays! So excited to make FootBnB our new Sunday spot! XOXO, Xana

Be sure to get your mobile clips orders in today and tomorrow! We have had so many orders this week, it's been insane and sooooo much fun making everyone's clips and sending them to their emails! I love creating custom clips and reading your requests creating a different video and showcasing my sweet feet and current toenail color. I also enjoy wearing a certain outfit or saying your name in the clip and the best part is you get to enjoy it the same day so no waiting. It's been a fun week of taking selfie style videos, custom for each of my loving fans! Thank you for all the orders! XOXO, Xana

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