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Hey... it's Xana!!! Hope your week is going well.. Letting you know, when you do a yearly option this week, you'll get a gift card to my store & you end up way ahead for the whole year! ;) Click here to see the various yearly membership options! XOXO, Xana

Shiloh's New Heels
Tags: shiloh, heels
Hey there, I got some sexy new shoes, what do you think? They're perfect for my high arches and long toes! I love comfy heals to wear to work or a night out. Shiloh

Shiloh's Beach Sandals
Tags: shiloh, beach
Hii, I made it home after a beautiful weekend get away. Here's one last shot of my sexy toes at the beach during sunset ;) xo Shiloh

Happy Monday! I’m ready to get this day started! I am running tons of errands today. This weekend kicked my butt! I could sure use a nice foot massage:)

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